“Learning and practicing object-oriented programming using a collaborative web-based IDE”

Authors: Nguyen, Vu
Dang, Hai H.
Do, Kha N.
Tran, Thu D.

Collaborative programming is an effective approach to software development, improving software quality, programmer’s satisfaction and shortening delivery time This study examines the application of a collaborative Web-based IDE named IDEOL to execute a four-week multi-submission programming assignment in an introductory object-oriented programming class. Forty eight students forming 24 two-member groups in class used the IDE to interact and write source code required by the project. All collaborative and programming activities performed by students were recorded by IDEOL. The results of the study shows that students tend to postpone their programming work until the submission dates. This study also provides an approach to designing and executing an extended programming exercises, which receives high student satisfaction. Our results imply that IDEOL is a useful environment for students to collaborate, learn, and practice programming to improve their learning satisfaction. In addition, as students tend to procrastinate, IDEOL is a useful tool to facilitate, monitor, and report student progress in extended programming exercises…

Link: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/7044141/?reload=true


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