“Determinants of innovation: An empirical analysis for Vietnamese manufacturing firms”

Authors: Nham, Phong Tuan

Innovation, including products, processes, marketing and organisational innovation within a firm, is considered as one of essential components for survival and growth of firms. These innovation activities create values and competitive advantages for successful organisations; therefore, understanding the organisation’s overall innovation is the first and foremost to understand the role of innovation on firm performance. The objective of this research is to estimate seven determinants of innovation activities. The questionnaire survey was administered to 118 firms in supporting industries located in Hanoi, Vietnam. The result has demonstrated that there are positive relationships between: 1) communication channels; 2) decentralised structure; 3) organisational resources; 4) belief that innovation is important; 5) willingness to take risks; 6) willingness to exchange ideas; 7) environment and innovation activities. Finally, recommendations have been provided to help academics to understand more about determinants of innovation and firms in supporting industries to improve innovation activities within organizations…

Link: soskin.info/userfiles/file/Economic-Annals-pdf/S155-0019(19)087.pdf


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