Mapping University Mathematics Assessment Practices

Authors: Iannone, Paola
Simpson, Adrian

It was with great pleasure that I read the volume on Mapping University Mathematics Assessment Practices by Paola Iannone and Adrian Simpson. The volume examines the current state of assessment in mathematics undergraduate degrees. It is presented in three parts: Part I, Patterns of Current Assessment Practice consisting of two chapters, one a survey on current assessment practice; the second, a review of the literature in undergraduate mathematics. Part II contain fourteen ‘opportunistically collected’ short 2-3 page articles on case studies of alternative assessment methods from departments around the UK, while Part III contains seven slightly longer articles on assessment projects, again from a selection of departments who were funded to undertake this element of the study.
In their foreword to the volume, the editors open with a discussion of the outcomes of the 2011 summit on aspects of the future of mathematics education in England and Wales which included concerns about students’ perception of their degrees, extent of subject knowledge, technical fluency and essential graduate skills. This comes at a time of increasing pressure from university management to deliver a more efficient and more relevant programme with the ill-defined ‘skills’ needed for the workforce. Increasingly it is felt the universities are market-driven with employability to the fore, driving student learning. However, to the contrary, it still appears that the ‘locus of control’ seems to be well-grounded in the department and with changes coming from committed individuals working in the generally supportive environment of the department…

Title: Mapping University Mathematics Assessment Practices
Authors: Iannone, Paola
Simpson, Adrian
Keywords: Mathematics;Toán học
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: University of East Anglia
Description: 144 p.
ISBN: 9781870284011
Appears in Collections: Toán học – Thống kê (Sưu tầm)

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